HDC Meeting Recaps

Update – April 17, 2020

Will we get to play any games this season?
The simple answer is we don’t know. UIL has discussed a contingency plan for district tournament play with advancing to playoffs, but this is only if we return to school and restrictions are lifted.

Can we go to the field and practice/workout?
The district is not allowing coaches or players on school property at this time. Players are encouraged to stay in shape the best they can.

Can we have any team dinners?
When restrictions are lifted, parents are encouraged to organize at least one team dinner for each team. And, the booster club will pay for it!

Are we still doing any team/individual pictures?
Yes. We are in contact with our photographer to get pictures taken when restrictions are lifted. We still intend to have banners created for the varsity players.

Where can I post/get pictures from games?
If you took any pictures earlier this year, please post them to the Hawks Photo Site:  https://bhshawks.shutterfly.com 
Password: hawks
Request membership to be approved to upload and download photos. Instructions to do this are on the login page.

Can Seniors still apply for scholarships from the booster club?
Yes. It is our intent to award scholarships as we always do. More information on the application process will be sent directly to the senior families.

Are we having a banquet?
Unfortunately, no. But…read below…

Plan for Cookout/Scrimmage
As soon as we are able, the booster club will host an epic cookout & scrimmage between all teams. We’ll all get together to celebrate and play some ball while also taking team/individual pictures and honoring the seniors. You will NOT want to miss this! More details will come!

Update – February 27, 2020

BHS Hosting Tournaments
We are hosting tournaments March 5-7 and March 12-14. We NEED as many volunteers as possible to cover ALL the games. Get grandparents involved!! Volunteer hours can be given for students. Click the links on the dates to sign up.

We will need as many pictures from as we can get from all teams for our end of year slide show. Please take pictures and upload them to our Shutterfly account. Everyone can download the pictures with an account. Team and individual pictures will be taken professionally and available at a later date.

Meeting Dates Changed
We are cancelling the meetings scheduled for March 2 and April 7. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 31 at 6:00 at the BHS Lecture Hall. We will be finished before the Varsity home game.

First Pitch Dinner
We raised a total of $14,441 (not including expenses). Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Hawks Merchandise
If you ordered merchandise, it has been placed with Big Frog and will be available very soon. We will send out notices when it’s ready. Don’t forget to take a look at FanCloth before March 2!

February 4, 2020

Treasurer’s Report, Colby Shannon for Brandee Dill, Treasurer
Financial report from July 1, 2019 – February 4, 2020 was distributed and reviewed. This is available on request.

Field Cleanup Update, Marc Tolson, 1st Vice-President
Over 60 people volunteered and 24 ½ / 25 tasks were completed

First Pitch Dinner – Thursday, February 13th @BHS Cafeteria @6:00 pm

  • Team Baskets – Reports from each team rep was given
  • Auction (Live and Silent) – Deliver any donations to Joanna Ashlock within the next week. More help is needed in this area.
  • Membership – The 2020 membership form was reviewed. This is posted online to be completed before coming to First Pitch Dinner.
  • Meal – Dessert provided by Andy’s, so no freshman desserts needed
  • Merchandise – Big Frog is our vendor this year. New merchandise can be viewed and purchased at the dinner. A sample can be viewed here.
  • Decorations – Dana Sellars gave a report that decorations are complete
  • Team Remind codes will be provided at the dinner
  • Senior Jerseys will be available for purchase for $125 with the option for player signatures
  • An auction preview list will be posted online before the dinner

Alumni Game – Saturday, February 8th @1:00. Joanna and Jessica will open concessions.

Baseball Banquet – Tuesday, May 12th @FAAC

Upcoming Meeting Dates:         Mar 2nd     April (TBD)        May 5th

Game-day Volunteer Positions, Jessica Mitchell, 2nd Vice-President
Concessions, Gate, Scoreboard, Pitch Count
Link: http://www.birdvillebaseball.com/volunteers

Sign-ups are ongoing through February 15, 2020, then the board will assign families for games. You will need to arrange a sub if you cannot fulfill your assignment.

Fundraising Opportunities, Colby Shannon, President
Booster Benefits Program Update – About $6,000 of revenue has been generated for this season’s sign advertising. Signs will be installed within the next week.

January 7, 2020

Comments from Coach Bonner

  • Fields are open for practicing anytime.
  • A list of tasks for cleanup day will be provided. 
  • Tryout week begins 1/31 (see previous minutes for details)
  • The turtle has been ordered and will be put together on field maintenance night.
  • February 8, 2020 (afternoon) will be the Alumni scrimmage game.

Treasurer’s Report, Brandee Dill, Treasurer
Financial report from July 1, 2019 – November 5, 2019 was distributed and reviewed. This is available on request.

Field Cleanup Day

  • Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 5:00 (or sooner)
  • This is an approved Disney volunteer event. The more people we have volunteer, the more tickets Disney will donate. You must sign in when you come.

Class Reps, Joanna Ashlock, Secretary

Freshman – Dana Bayes
Sophomore – Kelly Daniels
Junior – Julee Lacey
Senior – Dani Webb
Parent contact lists have been sent to the reps.

First Pitch Dinner

  • Thursday, February 13th @BHS Cafeteria; Tickets $10/person including players (for meal)
  • Need volunteers for each team. A sign up genius is posted online

Decorations – Dana Sellars leading team

Meal – Colby Shannon leading team
Catering by Costa Vida
Drinks by Cane’s
Freshman bring desserts

Auction (Live and Silent) – Joanna Ashlock and Jessica Mitchell leading team

  • Need donations; donation letter is provided
  • Items can be given to any board member or brought to the next meeting
  • Class baskets are being prepared with the following themes
    – Freshman, Jennifer Ward – All Sports
    – Sophomores, Kelly Daniels – TBD
    – Juniors, Julee Lacey – Outdoor/Grilling
    – Seniors, Dani Webb – Golf

Membership – Becky Brooks leading team
The membership form will be available online to be completed before the dinner

Merchandise – Brandee Dill leading team

Auctioneer – Confirming Wes Hamilton

Fundraising Opportunities, Colby Shannon, President

Booster Benefits Program Update – A discounted rate will be provided for any company renewing using the same sign.

Important HDC Dates

  • Field Cleanup Day – Thursday evening 1/16  at 5:00 pm and possibly Saturday 1/18
  • Alumni Game – Saturday, Feb. 8th
  • First Pitch Dinner – Thursday, Feb. 13th @BHS Cafeteria, 6:00 pm
  • Baseball Banquet – Tuesday, May 12th @FAAC
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates:   Feb 4th          Mar 3rd     April 7th    May 5th

December 2, 2019

Special thanks to the 22 volunteers who worked the TCU Football game on 11/29, which resulted in $500 to the booster club.

Comments from Coach Bonner

  • The umpire association conflict/accreditation issue has been resolved.
  • A list of tasks for cleanup day on will be provided at the next meeting. Putting together the turtle will be the largest task and may take a couple of days to complete.
  • Tryout week begins 1/31 (see previous month’s notes for details); Coaches will work with basketball players 

Treasurer’s Report, Brandee Dill, Treasurer
Financial report from July 1, 2019 – November 5, 2019 was distributed and reviewed. This is available on request.

Communication, Joanna Ashlock, Secretary
Schedules are posted on the website. Please note tournament dates and district games during Spring Break. An alumni game is also being planned for one of our scrimmages.

First Pitch Dinner, Jessica Mitchell, 2nd Vice President

  • Tuesday, February 11th @BHS Cafeteria (Date may change due to basketball conflict) Tickets $10/person including players
  • Meal Planning – gathering ideas and pricing for catering options
  • Auction (Live and Silent) – may begin gathering donations; a donation letter is posted online
    Class Baskets: Need volunteers to help for each class
    Freshman – Jennifer Ward
  • Membership – Marc Tolson will lead the team along with Becky Brooks, Todd Lacey, Jason Mitchell
  • Merchandise – Brandee Dill will lead the team along with Brandy Martinez. Need 2 more volunteers.
  • Auctioneer – Wes Hamilton*

Fundraising Opportunities, Marc Tolson, 1st Vice President

Booster Benefits – Pricing and options were presented for field/stadium advertising. See website for more details.

Next meeting January 7th
Field Cleanup Day – Thursday 1/16 at 5:00 pm and possibly Saturday 1/18

November 5, 2019

Comments from Coach Bonner

  • The new turtle will be ordered in January. This along with new L screens will need to be put together (with help) on Field Cleanup Day. We also might need a welder to help with some repairs.
  • General schedule for beginning of season:
    • 1/31 first practice (after school)
    • 2/1 (Saturday) intersquad scrimmage (required for tryouts)
    • Tryouts continue throughout that next week with decisions to be made by Thursday. Coaches will talk to players individually (a team list will not be posted)
    • General game schedule:
      • Subvarsities will play on Mondays (Freshman @5 and JV @7) and Fridays (JV @5 and Freshman @7)
      • Varsity will play on Tuesdays and Fridays @7:30
  • No need to purchase any special equipment before tryouts
  • Considering options for hoodies (for Freshman) and shoes at team/bulk rates for families to buy (not required purchases)
  • Some of our opponents have turf fields and do not allow metal spikes. Turf shoes are not required; tennis shoes will be fine.
  • Alliance Association of Umpires is currently unaccredited and could become an issue if a resolution is not worked out. Our AD is working to help with solutions.

Treasurer’s Report, Brandee Dill, Treasurer
Financial report from July 1, 2019 – November 5, 2019 was distributed and reviewed. This is available on request.

Communication, Joanna Ashlock, Secretary

  • Important HDC Dates – Joanna Ashlock
    • Applebee’s Breakfast – This Saturday November 9th
    • Field Cleanup Day – Thursday, January 16 OR Saturday, January 18
    • First Pitch Dinner – Tuesday, February 11th @BHS Cafeteria
    • Baseball Banquet – Tuesday, May 12th @FAAC

Volunteer Positions

  • Concessions, Gate, Scoreboard, Pitch Count, Varsity Field Announcer
    Link: http://www.birdvillebaseball.com/volunteers
  • First Pitch Dinner and Baseball Banquet events will need committees
  • Grade Level coordinators
    • A point person for each grade level to help Joanna with communications
    • Will coordinate class baskets for the First Pitch Dinner auction, help get volunteers for game days, organize team dinners, help with Senior activities

First Pitch Dinner

Start looking for auction items that can be donated including gift cards for the Grub Grab board. A donation letter will be updated and posted on the website which can be handed out to business as receipt of their donation.

Fundraising Opportunities

  • Booster Benefits Program – We will continue to sell stadium advertising. More details for purchasing will be presented at next month’s meeting.
  • TCU Events – Football 11/29 West Virginia
    • We receive $500 for supplying a group of 18-20 people to pass out programs at the game. You need to be there 2 hours ahead of time and work through the 1st quarter or until programs are all gone then have a free ticket into the game. Let Colby know if you are interested in helping.
  • Upcoming TCU Basketball
    • Same opportunity for basketball. You come one hour before the game. Only 4 people are needed. Can sign up through this link; mark Baseball as the club with your name and contact information.

Next meeting Monday, Dec. 2, 2019

September 23, 2019

Booster Accomplishments 2018-2019

  • Regraded the field at a cost of $18,000
  • Hosted special event nights (Teacher Appreciation, Future Hawk, Senior Night) at varsity games
  • Created partnership with Booster Benefits for stadium advertising bringing in revenue of about $6300

Comments from Coach Bonner

  • This year’s facilities improvements include the purchase of a new turtle and pitching machine and repairing the tractor with an
  • Volunteers throughout the year are greatly appreciated and needed to keep the program successful.

Treasurer’s Report, Brandee Dill, Treasurer

Financial reports were distributed, reviewed and approved. These are available on request

Communication, Joanna Ashlock Secretary

Remind: Text @bhshdc to 81010
Facebook: Birdville Hawks Baseball
Twitter: @HawksBirdville

  • We are considering adding grade level and/or team parents to help with specific events during the season. Volunteers will be needed for this.
  • Team specific reminds will be used for communicating game updates and volunteer needs. Players should be in communication with their coach’s text and remind groups themselves.

Important HDC Dates, Joanna Ashlock,  Secretary

  • Applebee’s Breakfast (Fundraiser)  – TBD (November)
  • Field Cleanup Day – TBD (January)
  • First Pitch Dinner – Tuesday, February 11th @BHS Cafeteria
  • Baseball Banquet – Tuesday, May 12th @FAAC
  • Other fundraisers may include pie sales in November (pending Coach Bonner’s decision) and a season starting fundraiser in January.
  • Tryouts will be mid January and season starts beginning of February

Game-day Volunteer Positions, Jessical Mitchell, VP

  • Concessions – Need 2 people each game, brings in money for HDC
  • Gate – Need 1 person each game to come 30 minutes before and stay through the end of the 4th inning (ticket sales go to the district, not HDC)
  • Scoreboard – Runs the outfield scoreboard
  • Pitch Count – Varsity only, tracks pitch count
  • Varsity Field Announcer – Eric Webb (sub-varsity teams can also have an announcer if someone volunteers)
  • For Spring season, there will be a chance to sign up for volunteer slots, then the board will assign every family a slot. It will be that person’s responsibility to find a replacement if needed.

Fundraising Opportunities, Marc Tolson, VP

  • Booster Benefits Program – for field advertising. Links to the form and pricing is on the website. Please communicate with any business you think would like to donate.

Next Meeting: November 5th