Team News

  • Jun

    Hawks Summer Baseball CAMP 2018

    the baseball camp on june 4, 2018 will run from 10:00 – 12:00 because of the rain.  tuesday will begin at normal start time. WALK UPS ARE STILL WELCOME!!

  • Jan

    Game Photos 2018

    For 2018 Game Photos check out the Shutterfly website:

  • Apr

    Game Photos 2017

    There are lots of new game photos available under the Photo Gallery.  Thank you to Rene Rhodes for all her hard work taking games pictures this year.

  • Feb

    Game Changer

    Game Changer coming to a Hawks team near you Become a fan of Birdville Follow all the Varsity game action on Game Changer this upcoming 2018 season

  • Jan

    Have Photos for the Website?

    If you have photos that you would like added to the website, We have created an intermediate location where photos can be uploaded.  This does not put them directly on the website, but is a way to send photos to the admin much faster without having to physically deliver a disk. In order for you to… Read More