TCU Games

  • Upcoming TCU Basketball
    • Same opportunity for basketball. You come one hour before the game. Only 4 people are needed. Can sign up through this link; mark Baseball as the club with your name and contact information.

Special Events/Class Reps

  • First Pitch Dinner and Baseball Banquet events will need committees
  • Grade Level coordinators
    • A point person for each grade level to help Joanna with communications
    • Will coordinate class baskets for the First Pitch Dinner auction, help get volunteers for game days, organize team dinners, help with Senior activities
  • Freshman – Dana Bays
  • Sophomore – Kelly Daniels
  • Junior – Julee Lacey
  • Senior – Dani Webb

Game Day Volunteers:

Click below to sign up to volunteer for game day needs.

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Concessions: At least 2 people are needed to run the concession stand. If food will be cooked/grilled, you may want to recruit a third person to help.

Gate Fee: Sit by the visitor’s dugout to collect gate fee. During regular season games, you may finish at the end of the 2nd inning. During tournaments, please stay for the entire game.

Scoreboard: Manage the outfield scoreboard (this is not recording the official scorebook)

Announcer: Announce the players as they enter the field/come up to bat

Pitch Counter (varsity games only): Keep track of number of pitches thrown for each pitcher

Game Day Operations:

Read the document below for instructions on each of these positions

Game Day Operations