Field Cleanup Day

Thursday, Jan. 14, 5:00-8:00 pm

  • Come and go as you are available; there are plenty of tasks for everyone.

  • Players are expected to participate.

  • Volunteer hours can be earned (ask a board member for a form if needed)


1. Clean Out All Sheds:  1st/3rd/ Machine Shed 

2.  Repair Windscreen

3.  Repair Nets

4.  Tighten Brackets for Swing Bags

5.  Test and Check Machines

6.  Separate Buckets and Get Counts

7.  Fix Tee's (if possible)

8.  Switch Out Buckets on Rollers

9.  Hang backdrop for cage 2

10.  Clean up bullpen area

11. Fix mounds / New Rubber if needed

12.  Fix all screens / Soft Toss Nets

13.  Fix backstop mat on Turtle

14.  Get rid of 3 L Screens in the bullpen/ Strip nets first

15.  Blowout dugouts

14.  Clean up side mounds on the field

15  Weed Killer for parts of dirt on infeld/ and bullpen area

16.  Throw away old hose unless part is salvageable

17.  Fix screen on street

18.  Clean Locker room

19. Clean out and deep clean concession stand



Couple of Leaf Blowers

Basic Tools-Screwdrivers/ Drills/ Knife or Boxcutter / Carpet knife / Scissors


Old cleaning towels

Disinfecting wipes

Volunteer for Concessions