Field Cleanup Day

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022 4:30-8:00 pm

  • Come and go as you are available; there are plenty of tasks for everyone.

  • Players are expected to participate.

  • Volunteer hours can be earned (ask a board member for a form if needed)

  • Enter through the gate from Hawk Ave. and jump in on any task below or find a board member to help point you in the right direction.


Fix Bull Pen Mounds                
Fix turf visitor bullpen
Clean Up Pen Catching areas
Paint Doors on Locker Room
Clean and Wipe down locker room
Blow out dugouts
Blow out batting cages
Fix nets on L Screens
Clean Out organize all Sheds
Clean Out organize concession stand
Putting up windscreen on Hawk Avenue
Windscreen on New Fencing 
Capping on new fencing
Need to call and have drain and locker room painted
Cut infield Lines/ Mound/ Home Plate
Replace home plate
Clean Out bullpens/ Get rid of old Screens
Clean Up / Straighten up bricks
Clean up Cages / Weeds 
Go through Helmets / Throw away those without padding
Check air pressure in jugs wheels and make sure they work
Look to fix wheels on Flyball machines
Check Tarps for Mound and Home plate/ Look for Holes
Clean Out Helmet Rack in Dugout
Cut fungo circle
Clean Up stands/ Tape off
Fix Windscreen throughout field
Check/zip tie padding on Turtle
Signs on Fence/ Take Down / New fence signs

Clean out and deep clean concession stand


Couple of Leaf Blowers

Basic Tools-Screwdrivers/ Drills/ Knife or Boxcutter / Carpet knife / Scissors


Old cleaning towels

Disinfecting wipes