Board Nominations



We have three open positions. Please read the following and complete the nomination form below. Nominations will be accepted through April 5, 2021.



  • presides at all club and executive board meetings

  • coordinates all the work of the board members and all committees

  • is authorized to sign on the club's bank accounts

  • regularly communicates with coaches concerning needs and activities of the program

1st Vice President

  • assumes duties of the President in his/her absence

  • is authorized to sign on the club's bank accounts

  • conducts the annual club membership drive and maintains a record of members

  • seeks out and coordinates fundraising opportunities (i.e. Booster Benefits program)

  • coordinates publicity functions on behalf of the club (i.e. Senior Night, Future Hawk Night)  

2nd Vice President

  • coordinates and oversees all volunteer duties (i.e. recruiting, scheduling, training)

  • coordinates with photographer and volunteers to preserve a visual representation of the season (i.e. programs, banners, team/individual photos, slideshows)


Rules for Nominations:

  • Only enter one name per position.

  • You do not have to nominate someone for every position; you can leave them blank.

  • You can nominate yourself.

  • The nominated person must be a booster club member.

  • Please talk to the nominated person first to make sure they are willing to serve.

It's OK to nominate someone even if you think they were already nominated!